Do color of food reveal about its nutrition?

Food with a wide array of vibrant colours tend to attract children these days, yes, they demand for a feast - both the tongue as well as the eyes in the table! 
Here are some secrets behind the colours of the eatable nature.....

White Vs. Brown eggs

An egg's color do say less about nutrition and more about chicken's earlobe. Chickens with red earlobe lay brown eggs and those with white earlobes lay white eggs.

Green Vs. Red Bell Peppers

Red peppers are usually aged green peppers. Chlorophyll masks red pigment in green peppers until the vegetable matures. Green peppers are typically cheaper and have fewer nutrients because of their shorter growing time. And red peppers do really taste strong than green peppers. 

Orange Vs. Red Carrots

All colors of carrot are rich in different antioxidants. Orange carrots have high levels of beta-carotene, important for healthy vision. Red carrots contain lycopene, linked to lower risk of certain cancers. For the maximum benefits, eat a variety.   


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