Brolotti Beans

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Borlotti beans are related to cranberry beans. Being popular in Italian and Portuguese cooking the dried one, are similar in size to the kidney bean. They appear as a medium-sized tan coloured bean mottled with deep magenta speckles. When cooked, the beans will turn to light brown and taste creamy, nutty flavored and slightly chalky in texture.

Brolotti bean

Health Benefits:
  1. It is a good source of iron which helps the red blood cells to carry and deliver oxygen to the whole body.
  2. Due to its low Glycaemic Index (GI) food it is suitable for diabetic patients.
  3. The bean contains vitamin B1 which is essential for carbohydrate metabolism.
  4. Rich in potassium which acts as key to good kidney function and muscle contraction.
  5. Maintain pH of body fluids and build strong bones and teeth with existence of phosphorus.
  6. Highly recommended for pregnant mother due to its richness in folic acid that promotes duplication of chromosomes.
  7. Magnesium in the bean helps to produce energy and vital in muscle and nerves functionality.

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