Water Amaranth

Water Amaranth

Amaranth is a cosmopolitan genus of herbs. Belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and approximately 60 species are recognized. With its origin in America, and later introduced to Asia, amaranth has been a part of the human diet in both the seed (grain) and leaf forms for a long time.

Water Amaranth

Being known as ponnanganni keerai, thotakoora, cholai, marsa, and tamri bhaji, in various Indian languages, amaranth leaves are very popular in Indian cooking, especially in the South, and come in many varieties: green, red, and bicolored. The leaves are used in curries and soups.  It is preferred for its everlasting taste as its is referred as food of immortality and kings grains.

Health benefits:
    In Respiratory Disorders : Drinking fresh juice along with honey is remedy for chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and tuberculosis.
  2. The regular use of amaranth is useful in preventing premature old age.
  3. Effective mouthwash for treating mouth sores, swollen gums, and sore throat.
  4. Are a good home remedy for hair loss. Applying the fresh juice of amaranth leaves helps hair to retain its color, and keeps it soft, and is a great hair-loss treatment.
  5. Easy to digest and gluten-free, and, hence, often fed to babies, children, the elderly and those recovering from fasts and illnesses.
  6. Rich in Vitamin K, thus

    - Improves blood clotting

    - Reduces bleeding

    - Improves kidney function

    - Improves bone growth

    - May protect from osteoporosis

    - May protect and cure from some cancers
  7. A cupful of fresh leaf juice mixed with a teaspoonful of lime juice should be taken every night in conditions like bleeding from the gums, nose, lungs, piles and excessive menstruation. It acts as a natural tonic.
  8. Contains all the essential amino acids such as arginine, nistidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, cystine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. So is very useful in preventing retarded growth in children by giving a teaspoonful of the fresh juice mixed with few drops of honey after a fort night of the birth to infants.
  9. It also reduces night blindness, improves good vision, protects from free radicals, moisturises skin, eyes and provides antioxidant support due to its richness in Vitamin C.
  10. It also supports strong bones, normalizes cholesterol levels, prevents earing loss, supports healthy thyroid gland, due o its richness in Manganese.
So eat healthy and live healthy naturally.

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